Her Wisdom, Her Wings

Her Wisdom, Her Wings features photographs taken by an extraordinary group of women from across Bosnia-Herzegovina who participated in a photovoice project during the summer of 2016. The photographs and accompanying narratives* highlight stories of women's resilience and strength, and their contributions to positive social change in their families and communities.

Transforming cameras into tools for storytelling and resources for empowerment, this project supported 29 women to document and express their stories and visions for positive social change. Each photographer was invited to select one of her images to include in a public photography exhibition held in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in August 2016. Women selected photographs which they felt best captured the most important dimension of their experience they would like to share with the broader public, featured here.

The collection of photographs and narratives which comprise Her Wisdom, Her Wings endeavors to elevate the voices of Bosnian women, using photography to invite scholars, practitioners, policymakers and community members to learn from the wisdom Bosnian women have to share with future generations about how to survive war and work towards peace.

* Workshops were conducted in the local language with the support of a Bosnian research assistant who is highly proficient in both English and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS) languages. To the best of our ability, the narratives/captions presented reflect the voice of the women interviewed, but due to the nature of interpretation, are to some extent, constructions of the interviewee, the research assistant and myself.